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  • Tired of overly basic iOS stock charting software?
  • Want a tool that supports your active trading?
  • How about software that helps you grow into a better investor?

Stock TickerPicker is the investing software you've been looking for.
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Stock TickerPicker is stock charting and investing analysis software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch that gives you stock charts for analysis, realtime stock quotes, unlimited nested watchlists, technical indicators, "Insights" investment theses and an optional subscription to 1-day & 5-day intraday charts for tradable trends.

What makes Stock TickerPicker so good? Let us explain:

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Beautiful Charting.
Hand-tuned charting algorithms tweaked over 4+ years, and a UI crafted with feedback from dozens of technical analysts. 3X the charts and 5X the indicators of the iOS built-in Stocks app.
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Investing Insights.
Small "snack-sized" investment theses along with convenient watch lists of all the tickers mentioned, for a low price relative to other investment newsletters.
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Customizable Watchlists.
Real-time price quote streaming, sub-folders to organize your investments, sorting by daily market movements and optional skinning make our watchlists far more intuitive than the other guys'.
I have been using this app for about 2 years - Does everything I expected it to do…gives the quickest updates for stock market data that I have seen…use it on a daily basis!
SunEagle, happy customer, in iTunes review
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