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Every avid trader has a toolkit they go to. Favorite websites, blogs, services, software and tools they use on a regular basis to increase their knowledge, track stocks, evaluate charts, and make trades. These tools are often free but when they aren't, they pay for themselves and are part of the cost of doing business - good tools are worth it.

If you're a Stock TickerPicker user, we hope you put it in your toolkit. It is a well-honed part of being able to evaluate the markets and individual stock opportunities while on-the-go, on your iPhone or iPad. Its detailed and well-crafted stock charts coupled with a clean watch list interface let you easily and quickly keep up with fast-moving markets. If you want to learn more, however, or are looking for additional services to help you identify stock market winners and losers before the crowd, then you've come to the right place.

This page is a new and expanding list of sites, books, magazines, services and software all related to stock charting and technical analysis - and we think they're great. Hop on over to them today!

Web Sites & Blogs

  • Charts School The grand daddy of them all - this site is stuffed with articles and examples teaching you all the formulas and techniques for charting. It also provides decent browser-based charts for computers, although they don't really work in mobile devices (hence Stock TickerPicker!)
  • American Association of Individual Investors has a pretty good technical analysis page linking you to various articles they've written.
  • The Pattern Site gives you access to all the charting patterns you could ever want!

Books & Magazines

  • Active Trader Magazine One of the best magazines out there for traders. Regularly explains new strategies for both equity and options traders, and typically does backtesting of strategies too, providing lots of learnings for how to be more scientific about your trading methodology. I highly recommend it.
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis by Martin Pring is a good overview of technical analysis.
  • Options for the Beginner and Beyond by Edward Olmstead is my go-to book to recommend to people when they are just getting into options trading.
  • Trading Options at Expiration by Jeffrey Augen is pure gold for advanced options traders - I swear by this book.

Software & Services

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